Aquabar Mastic

Available in: 310ml Certified: SAFE Coverage: 310ml Cartridge Pack Size 24 per box

One Component Expanding Water Stopping Sealant

Aquabar Mastic is a one-component swelling waterstop sealant that, like Aquabar, expands on contact with water. Prior to expansion Aquabar Mastic is suitable for bonding to a wide variety of substrates including concrete, rock and metals.

Once applied, Leakmaster acts as high performance water proofing seal for precast applications such as storage reservoirs and utility vaults Aquabar Mastic is supplied as a gun-grade form and is easy to handle and supply.

It expands up to two times in volume following contact with water. Aquabar Mastic is moisture-cured to forma a tough hydrophilic rubber elastomer, which protects against joint movement or concrete shrinkage.

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