Available in: 10mm 20mm Certified: SAFE Coverage: 10mm or 20mm of 7 & 10 metre reels - Pack Size 80m per box

A Flexible Hydrophilic Strip which Expands and Seals When Wet

Aquabar is an expanding hydrophilic waterstop. Aquabar has been developed for use in concrete structures at construction and other joint locations, where the expansion of the Aquabar fills any minor voids in the concrete surrounding the water bar, preventing the passage of water across the plane of the joint.

Aquabar is flexible and with its rectangular section, installation on site is simple, even around corners. Unlike other methods Aquabar requires no site welding at corners or intersections.

Aquabar is easily kneaded together to give continuity through the longest lengths. Aquabar is an ecological and user friendly product that is easy to install by use of either gun-nailing or gluing with Aquabar Mastic.

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