Epomast Ultracoat

Available in: 5kg 15kg Certified: SAFE Coverage: A 5kg pack will treat 8.5m2 of surface

High Performance Epoxy Concrete Sealing Coating

Epomast Ultracoat is a rapid curing, solvent free and protective Epoxy coating. It imparts outstanding resistance to aggressive mineral acids, polar solvents and alcohols. It is a tough, durable and highly abrasion resistant coating which has excellent adhesion to concrete and steel.

Epomast Ultracoat has a rapid cure time, even at low temperatures.

Typically its used as an internal lining coating for concrete or steel storage tanks; chemical bunds or as a highly chemical resistant coating for floorings and walls in chemical, pharmaceutical or similar industrial environments.

The resultant coating is hygienic and easily cleaned and slip resistant options are available too.

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