Available in: 5l 20l 25l 205l IBC Certified: SAFE Coverage: n/a

Highly Effective, Non-hazardous Thermal Coolant for use in Torch Welder Re-circulation Systems

Ado-Coolant is a low viscosity, aqueous based heat transfer torch coolant. Developed to be a highly efficient coolant for use in all welder torch radiator circulation and re-circulation systems.

Its thermal stability and dielectric properties makes it suitable for plasma arc welding and tungsten inert gas welding systems. It eliminates the hazards of damaging mineral deposit, which are built up internally during the operation.

Ado-Coolant also lubricates pumps, liners, gaskets and seals, thus extending time between preventive maintenance. Its corrosion inhibitors help protect any iron, steel, aluminium, brass and copper components. Ado-Coolant is a non-volatile and non-hazardous.

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