Adoflow R

Available in: 5l 20l 25l 205l IBC Certified: ECO SAFE Coverage: 0.8-1.0 litre per 50 kg cement

Slows the Rate of Hydration of Cement Allowing Longer Times Between Mixing and Placing

The inclusion of ADOFLOW-R in a concrete mix will slow the rate of hydration of the cement, to hold back initial and final set, as well as reduce the peak temperature resulting from the hydration process thereby minimising the risk of cracking.

Due to these characteristics the inclusion of ADOFLOW-R in a concrete mix, as well as providing all the benefits obtained from the use of a standard set plasticiser will also facilitate longer time available between mixing and placing and avoidance of cold joints between pours.

Also pours of greater volume with reduced risk of cracking are achievable.

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