Adomast - Eco Friendly

Adomast Manufacturing is fully committed to help architects, contractors and project managers to specify and use materials that are safer for the individual and safer for the environment overall - without any loss in technical performance or construction time.

Adomast can offer safer alternatives to the traditionally used construction chemical in each and every sector of our product portfolio.

Environmentally safe Adomast products are currently being used in a number of high profile construction projects, such as Crossrail in London and the construction of the new Forth Bridge in Edinburgh, where the construction teams are either having to work underground or are working close to water.

These Adomast products have low VOC’s, are non-Flammable, biodegradable and non-hazardous to use. Some of these Adomast products have been recently granted ' WRAS Approved ' demonstrating full compliance for use near river water, streams and flora & fauna.

Our environmentally safe products can also provide commercial advantages too.Transporting these types of product are more cost advantageous than their traditional solvent based counterparts.

Once in a warehouse or on site, these products don’t have to be stored in specialised bunded areas and the risks involved should there be a spillage are completely reduced.

As we manufacture our products, we can offer concentrated versions of these environmentally safe products that can be readily diluted to the correct concentration on site - again helping to save on transportation and storage costs.

Adomast will continue to pursue and explore ways for our products to be upgraded to meet the continually changing demands for a more eco and environmentally sound construction world.



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