Case Study: Oxford University

The Radcliffe Observatory Quarter is one of the most significant development projects the University of Oxford has undertaken for more than a century.

Work has been on going on the historic Radcliffe Infirmary site since 2008 but Adomast were contacted in 2013 to supply into the new construction site at the Blavatnik School of Government location.

Adomast have supplied ADOSTRIKE as a premium mould release agent to the contractors as the cast finish required has to be of the utmost quality.

ADOSTRIKE is a high release oil containing product which has low sag qualities which allows it to be applied earlier to the form face without any loss of performance or sacrifice in finished quality.

ADOSTRIKE is suitable for use on all types of formwork as is the case here in Oxford and is also highly resistant to removal by rain showers or foot traffic.

The construction work is ongoing and the building is scheduled to open in 2015.


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