Case Study: Forth Road Bridge

With the announcement that a new bridge was to be built across the Firth of Forth in Edinburgh, Adomast was contacted by local contractors to supply construction chemicals into the project.

Given the location of the construction work it is imperative that the chemicals used did not harm the flora and fauna in the vicinity. Therefore Adomast offered the following WRAS approved products for use in the construction.

SAFELEASE – an environmentally safe, non-toxic, WRAS approved and highly effective emulsified mould release agent based on the latest in soluble polymer technology. It is ideally suited for fair faced concrete, though works very well with all types.

SAFETARD LIQUID - An environmentally safe, non-toxic and fully biodegradable WRAS approved surface retarder solution. It slows the surface set of freshly cast concrete and when washed away it exposes the surface aggregate. This is important as it creates an improved and more receptive surface for the keying of subsequent concrete pouring

WRAS approval means that the products used have been independently assessed against and comply with The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. It is aconformance mark that demonstrates that an item complies with high standards set out by water regulations promulgated in 1999 in the United Kingdom. 

These products are in regular use during the construction of the supporting structure.


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