Case Study: Edinburgh Braid Burn Flood Prevention

Carillion Civil Engineering is almost two years into construction works on the Braid Burn Flood Prevention Scheme that will protect around 900 homes and businesses from flooding. 

The £28m scheme, funded by The City of Edinburgh Council and The Scottish Government, comprises 14 projects along the 15.5km route of the Braid Burn which enters Edinburgh at Redford and weaves its way north east to meet the sea at Portobello.

Carrying water from the Pentland Hills, the Braid Burn has burst its banks four times in the last 16 years, leaving 250 homes and businesses under water.

A major part of the scheme involves the construction of flood walls and embankments to protect properties which are most at risk. A total of 6km of flood walls are being constructed, many in reinforced concrete with form-liner finish.

Minimising the effect of the scheme on the environment has been a fundamental consideration throughout the project. All work carried out has to be in accordance with method statements approved by SEPA and, in this respect, pollution by construction materials has been closely regulated. 

Adomast Manufacturing Ltd has supplied the project with a significant amount of SAFELEASE, an environmentally friendly, water-based release material for concrete formwork.

SAFELEASE is WRAS approved and uses the latest water soluble polymer technology to produce a release emulsion that is virtually odourless and has low VOC content. 

SAFELEASE is readily biodegradable and non-toxic, making it suitable for use close to rivers and water courses. It produces a high quality stain-free finish, is resistant to rainwater wash-off, and suitable for application to faced plywood and other impervious formwork materials.

Adomast SAFELEASE is part of a complete range of environmentally safe formwork release agents, surface retarders and concrete curing and sealing compounds.



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