Case Study: Cross Rail

Adomast were approached directly by some of the key contractors in the London Cross Rail Underground Project to supply construction chemicals to facilitate in the production process of the new underground line.

Adomast manufactured &  supplied the following to the Cross Rail Project:

SAFESTRIKE – premium quality non-hazardous & biodegradable mould release agent

SAFETARD Liquid or Gel - Concrete retarding agents to expose surface aggregate to maximise the bonding key for further concrete pours 

SAFECURE SUPER – WRAS Approved Concrete Curing Agent with over 90% curing efficiency

The products were quickly approved and are being used regularly during the construction of the new tunnels and railway stations. By offering next day delivery and holding stock in London. Adomast helped ensure that the required chemicals were always available when required ensuring there were no hold ups or delays to the contractors.


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