Case Study: Crieff Water Treatment

Eco-friendly concrete release oil from Adomast Manufacturing Ltd has been extensively used in the construction of the UK’s highest water treatment works. 

The £30 million upgrade of Scottish Water's Turret water treatment works is being carried out by construction partner GMJV, at a site that is over 1000 feet up in the mountains above Crieff in Perthshire. 

The project, which represents one of Scottish Water’s most significant investments, includes the construction of a 2.5 million litre processing tank that will improve the treatment of water, allowing the plant to increase its daily capacity to 85 million litres.

The scheme also involves replacing the facility’s ageing turbine with a modern hydro turbine which will make the plant more sustainable; generating power for the works and also supplying surplus electricity to the national grid.

Environmental considerations are central to the whole Turret project with careful attention being paid to the choice of all construction materials.

On site, a major task for GMJV engineers has involved the construction of reinforced concrete structures for the huge water processing tank. To aid the release of formwork from newly set concrete, Adomast’s SAFELEASE environmentally friendly release agent was selected. 

Charlie Rattrie, GMJV’s general foreman on the contract, says: “Using SAFELEASE has disproved any notion that water-based release agents are not as effective as traditional oil-based products. Here, in some of the most hostile conditions in Britain, the product has performed extremely well. On occasion, because of the severe weather, we have had to wait a couple of weeks between spraying panels and pouring concrete.

Despite been exposed to heavy rain and sleet, the sprayed panels were still suitable for the job. Also, our crew don’t require the usual PPE when spraying SAFELEASE and it has the added benefit of being far more user-friendly than the harmful alternative.” 

SAFELEASE uses the latest water soluble polymer technology to produce a concrete release agent that is virtually odourless and has low VOC content (Volatile Organic Compounds). SAFELEASE is readily biodegradable and carries WRAS approval for use on potable water projects.

A highly effective alternative to mineral oil-based products, SAFELEASE is non-staining and provides a high quality surface finish. In addition to SAFELEASE, Adomast also supplied ADOTAPE pressure-adhesive PVC jointing tape, and ADOPLUG, a wall tie sealing compound suitable for potable water projects. 

Adomast SAFELEASE is part of a complete range of environmentally safe mould release agents, surface retarders and concrete curing and sealing compounds. 


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